Folk Harp Journal

The ISFHC Quarterly Publication

The Folk Harp Journal (FHJ) is a wonderful resource for all harp players, from the complete novice to the master. With regular articles on such diverse subjects as harp journeys and travels to interesting places, harp building, all breeds of harps, harp maintenance and accessories. The FHJ features news and reviews of past and upcoming events, news from the ISFHC Chapters, tips and tricks for being a great harpist, Harp Classifieds, and TONS of printed music, it’s a wonder we can contain everything between the covers! If you would like to submit something to us, please review our Submission Details 2020.

This is what you might find in just one issue of the Folk Harp Journal:

  • Lots of great music
  • Sheet music reviews by Denise Grupp-Verbon
  • An article on memorization
  • An article on practice habits
  • A report on a recent festival
  • Advertisers Index
  • Classifieds
  • Membership Form

And in nearly every issue you’ll find:

  • Letter From the President/Editor
  • Cynthia Cathcart’s “Ringing Strings” column
  • Laurie Riley’s “How We Learn”
  • Anne Roos discussing “The Harper in Business”
  • Deette Bunn’s new feature the “Top Ten YouTube Harp Videos of the Quarter.”

If you’re not a member of ISFHC, go straight to the Membership page and send in your membership dues. You’re sure to get the next issue of the Folk Harp Journal. There’s so much information out there—why not let the Folk Harp Journal bring it to your door? To subscribe to the FHJ, you simply become a member of the ISFHC. If you’re wondering what the Folk Harp Journal is like, click the link below to see a partial issue. The link will show you part of a recent issue. We hope it will be a teaser and help you decide to join the society and receive four issues annually of music, articles, and all the harp information you could want!

Publication Schedule

The Folk Harp Journal is published four times per year according to the following schedule:

Issue                   Ad Deadline      Expected Mailing Date (US arrival about 10-days)
Spring Issue        January 8th        February 15th
Summer Issue     April 8th               May 15th
Fall Issue             July 8th                August 15th
Winter Issue        October 8th         November 15th

Contact Information
  • If you’re wondering where your FHJ issue is, please click here to email Alice Williams.
  • If you’d like to submit an article for publication in the journal, we would be thrilled. Please review these Submission-Details-2020. Then, click here to email the Editor-in-Chief, Beth A. Stockdell.
  • If you need information about placing an advertisement with the FHJ, please see our Advertisers page. Then, click here to email Beth.
  • In reference to Classified Ads (free to members), click here to email Elizabeth Goossen.
  • Requests for sheet music reviews should be sent to Denise Grupp-Verbon. Click here to email Denise.
  • If you would like to nominate a video for the “Top Ten YouTube Harp Videos of the Quarter” feature contact Deette Bunn. Click here to email Deette.
  • If you would like to add events to the quarter calendar feature in each issue contact Danielle Schagrin. Click here to email Danielle.

Back issues of the Folk Harp Journal may be purchased from Musicmakers. To order online, go to the FHJ Order Page. Beth Stockdell, FHJ Editor-in-Chief, has created Indexes for over 40 years of Folk Harp Journals. You will easily be able to search these PDF documents for references to specific songs, people, etc. For each issue the cover art is listed (if applicable), then columns, articles, memorials (if applicable), music, and then miscellaneous items, such as poems or recipes. Back issues can be ordered from Musicmakers. The Early Folk Harp Journal Index era is split into two sections, June 1973 through December 1985 and March 1986 through Winter 1998. The Middle Folk Harp Journal Index is an index of the FHJ from Spring 1999 through Winter 2009. The more recent indexes are Spring 2010 through Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 through the current issue. To subscribe to the Folk Harp Journal, you simply become a member of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen.

Working on the indexing project got us inspired. So we created a video to show the history of how far we have come. Be sure to watch it full screen with sound! You might want to watch it twice – once to see the transformation over the years and a second time to appreciate all the details. The video is 6:30 minutes.