Chapter Application for the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen

Congratulations on deciding to start an ISFHC chapter. In order to form a chapter of the ISFHC there must be four named officers who are all members of the ISFHC. You must include an email address or phone number for the President and at least one other Officer. Please be advised that in forming this chapter, it is not a subsidiary of ISFHC but a separate entity which is merely affiliated with ISFHC. We are equal organizations, not a hierarchy. Each chapter operates independently of the ISFHC, may state its own mission, and plans its own activities. Brief chapter reports could be periodically sent to Sharon Thormahlen, Chapter News editor for publication in the Folk Harp Journal Harp Happenings section.

Membership in the ISFHC is strongly encouraged of the General Members. Officers must be members. To become a member of ISFHC, you can register online at Join Us, or you can send $30 to:
Alice Williams
1292 Quiet Pines Lane
Missoula, MT 59802
Email Alice

Please complete the following application information and send to Sharon Thormahlen

Chapter Application