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Afghan Press Publications

American Harp Society

Anderson Insurance

Atlanta Harp Center

Barbara Ann Fackler

Beth Stockdell

Big Sky Folk Harp Festival

Camac Harps

Cambria Harp Kits & Plans

Capeside Music

Collin Harp Music

Deer Hollow Music

Denise Grupp-Verbon


Dusty Strings

Emerald Harp Productions

Folk Harp Journal Resource Library

Folk Mote Music

Four Seasons Harp Cover

The Harp Connection

HARPfest at the Franciscan Life Process Center

Harp in Worship Conference

Harp for Healing

Harper's Escape - Irish tour

Harps Etc

Harps International

The Harp Studio

Harp Symposium

Heart and Harp

Heartland Harps

Historical Harp Society

Institute for Health and Healing

International Harp Therapy Program

International Healing Musician's Program

Joanna Mell




JPG Harp Connections

Kolacny Music

Lewis Creek Instruments

Lyon & Healy Harps

Markwood Heavenly Strings & Cases

Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe

Missigman Music

Mountain Glen Harps

Music For Healing and Transition (MHTP)

Musicmaker's Kits, Inc

Northern Lights Harp Festival

October Mountain Folk Harps

Pacific Harps

Beth Stockdell

Prairie Harp Music

R Harps

Ray Doherty Cases

Rees Harps

Robinson's Harp Shop

RoJean Loucks

Salvi Harps

The Scottish Harp Society

Sharon Thormahlen Books

Somerset Folk Harp Festival

Spanish Peaks Int'l Celtic Harp Retreat and Music Fest

Stephanie Curcio Publications

Summer Keys

Sunita Stanislow

Sylvia Woods Harp Center

Thormahlen Harps

Timothy Harps

Triplett Harps

Vanderbilt Music Company

Vermont Strings

Virginia Harp Center

Waring Harps

Xina Music




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